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5 Tips for long-lasting makeup this summer

Despite the heat of the summer season, women can still wear makeup and not worry about smudges. Summer makeup tips are enormously useful in keeping the colors and blush alive even if sweat is inevitable. Here are some makeup tips for fair or dark skin to have the look of flawless makeup in hot weather.

  1. Prioritize protection

Keeping a healthy skin should be a long-term priority. It is the key to making your skin always looking young and glowing. If you will notice, summer makeup tips are first and foremost about using sun protection makeup. Always keep in mind that as long as the sun is up, your skin, especially on your face is prone to damage caused by the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. So before indulging in a makeup summer sale, make sure the product has a high sun protection factor (SPF) value. The higher the SPF value the better.

  1. Importance of Primer

This is not a new product but a lot of women still do not know the importance of wearing a primer before putting on makeup. One summer makeup tip that women tend to skip is this; what they don’t know is that a small amount of this power cream can do wonders for your face especially this summer. It makes your makeup longer-lasting as compared to makeup worn without primer. This makeup tip is for fair and dark skin alike.

  1. Choose silicone

To have full coverage of the blemishes on your face when wearing makeup, one of the best summer makeup tips to practice is using a silicone based and lightweight formula to have flawless makeup in this hot weather. The role of the silicone is to act as a film between the moisture caused by humidity and your skin. It hinders the foundation to get into your pores or melt away with perspiration.

  1. Wear eyeshadow creams

The hot weather of summer causes us to perspire severely and usually eyeshadow powders and sweat cause our makeup to cake under the sun. The best summer makeup tip for this is to choose eyeshadow creams instead of powder. It has consisted of silicone which aids in locking up the color as well as adds shine to our eye makeup. Buy eyeshadow cream which is a sun protection makeup to get the best of the best for your summer makeup.

  1. Pouty lips under the sun

It is of importance that women take care of their lips this summer. The hot weather might cause it to dry up and crack up and that is not good for wearing anything on your lips. A summer makeup tip to address this is to turn to use lip gloss for the meantime. To get flawless makeup in this hot weather, get a tinted lip balm to add color and choose those with an increased wax content to make sure that it doesn’t melt on your lips.

You don’t have to cringe at being makeup-less this summer because of fear of smudges and cakey foundation. Follow these summer makeup tips to get a melt-proof experience during this warm weather. Make sure to wear sun protection makeup for full skin defense and benefit the most in these makeup tips for both fair and dark skin.

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