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How To Properly Wear A Suit With A Vest

A suit with a vest, also known as a three-piece suit, consists of a jacket, a waistcoat,  and trousers. Three-piece suits are an asset every man should have. They can be seen as an investment considering you can wear them as a three-piece and also take off the vest when the need for a simple ensemble arises. When worn in all its three-piece glory, it makes you stand out in a crowd.

Suits with vests can be quite tricky to wear as they can make you look fatter and bulky but if worn wrongly but the moment you understand the way they work, you will never miss an opportunity to wear them.

 Best Way To Wear It

  • Due to the vest of the suit, three-piece suits can hide most part of your tie. This means most attention will be drawn to the knot of your tie. Make sure you tie is knotted perfectly and does not stick out from the bottom of your vest. Also, ensure your tie is not made from a bulky fabric as this will make it push up under your vest.


  • To make your suit look classier, ensure the back of your vest is made of very light fabric that will barely add any layer to your suit. This will make the suit fit more snugly. It will also offer you more comfort.


  • Your vest must be of the same color and fabric of your suit to achieve the formal purpose of the three pieced suit. It is not advisable to wear a suit with a different vest except you are certain they will match well together. This might take away the purpose of the suit. It also makes you look mismatched and less classy.


  • When working with mismatched vests, avoid flashy colored vests. Flashy colored mismatched vests are the wrong way to go. They do not look classy or sophisticated. They look quite cheap. It best to go out with a simple suit, then with a flashy colored vest added.
  • Do not fasten the last button of your vest. This could have your outfit crowding up at your stomach. You will also feel more comfortable if you leave the last buttons open. The practice of leaving the last buttons of a vest unfastened began when King Edward of Britain attended a public event with the last button of his last buttons undone. It became the way of it afterward.


  • Always have your vest well ironed and fastened because there might be a need for you to take off your outer jacket. This way, even with just your vest on, you can retain a look of elegance.


  • To optimize the look of your three pieced suit, add a pocket square and cufflinks. This gives more character to your outfit.


Three-piece suits make you feel more confident and this reflects in everything you while wearing it. No one can resist a confident man in a well-worn three pieced suit!

Article source: Men’s Ties online

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