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Seven Golden Rules to Wear a Tie that Every Man Should Know

A tie is one of the most indispensable accessories a man can own and wear. Ties come in many forms, colors, shapes, patterns, and designs. When shopping for or choosing ties, there are so many options and variants to choose from, and you should know that right or perfect tie can transform your look. It can work wonders on your total outlook. When wearing a tie or pairing it with a shirt and suit, you should do it perfectly so the end result can be desirable and attractive.


As with every other thing in life, there are rules and guidelines to follow when wearing ties. This article will highlight the seven golden and most important rules, to help you look your best at all times.

The tie clip position: A lot of people disregard this rule and see this detail as a minute, but they are very wrong. If you will be holding your tie in place with a tie clip, make sure it stays between your shirt’s third and fourth buttons.

The thin and wide ends: When knotting your tie, you have to make sure that the thin end (back) is shorter than the wide end (front). If you have tried to achieve this while knotting and failed, you should tuck the thin end into your shirt.

The check rule: If you will be pairing a checked shirt with a checked shirt, the size of the checks on the tie should be bigger than that of the shirt. Also, the shirt and tie should be in the same color palette.

The Knot: The best knot for every type of tie is the knot known as a four-in-hand. It is a perfect size – not too big and not too small. It also does well with every kind of suit and shirt.

Length Matters The length of your tie after knotting matters a lot, and it really affects your final appearance. You should pay extra attention to this detail, and it should not be underestimated. The top of your tie should always be level with your belt line. This ensures that you look neat and composed. If the tip of your tie stops above your belt line or extends below it to your crotch area, then you’re doing something wrong.

Your tie and suit fabrics should match: This makes you appear coordinated and organized. Wear wool ties with wool suits and cotton ties with cotton suits. Be sure to wear season-appropriate clothing i.e., wool in the winter and cotton in the summer.

The last and most important rule to follow is that your tie and shirt should never be of the same color tone or exact pattern colors and size. This will make your look bland and boring.


As long as you follow these rules when you get dressed every morning or evening, you will look as great as possible in the tie department.

Article source: Men’s Ties online

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